Nemasis Pro (Scan Unlimited Assets)

Nemasis - Pro (Scan Unlimited Assets)

Nemasis - PRO is ideally designed for organizations and security consultants who need only security assessments and configurable reports, along with a fast and easy way to get a knowhow of vulnerabilities.

Using advanced scanning algorithms and threat detection methods, Nemasis - PRO provides a powerful and flexible Scan Configuration editor that enables you to tailor scans as per customer requirements.

  • Scan unlimited assets
  • Useful to provide services
  • Customized Reports
  • Rebranding of Reports

Vulnerability Assessment is the oxygen of the modern age.
To breathe free try Nemasis

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Nemasis Pro features

Help to protect your IT infrastructure from Cyber threats


Before you start scanning the network, you should know what assets you have so that you can manage the risk easily. Nemasis - PRO helps to provide a range of IPs to scan them using the Host Discovery Scan option.


Credential Management for Authenticated Scans

An Authenticated Scan scans the target network from both, external via the network and from the internal via a valid user login. Nemasis - PRO provides an SNMP authentication scan, SMB authentication scans, SSH authentication scans, and ESXi authentication scans.


Network Scan

Nemasis - PRO supports various types of network scanners such as TCP, WMI, UDP, SSH, SNMP, HTTP, SMB, and LDAP. Each of the scanners performs different sets of scanning.



Nemasis - PRO dashboard and reports offer a granular representation of vulnerabilities with respect to the CVSS and also provides the total risk scenario for any task.


Compliance and Configuration Assessment

Nemasis - PRO allows fast-track of compliance assessments of network and infrastructure according to industry standard and best practices such as PCI DSS, and many more. With these reports, users can identify the security gaps in the network infrastructure and overcome them way before a breach happens.



Nemasis - PRO not only helps in identifying the risk but also prioritizes the risk and provides remediation steps. It allows you to report the vulnerability based on various options such as CVSS, Scan plugins, Port/Protocol/Services, and patches like OS patches, application patches, and more.



With Nemasis - PRO, you can create rebranded reports in a variety of formats (e.g., CSV, PDF, TXT, XML, Compliance format) to easily share your most critical information with the team or organization.


Dashboard and its Data Sources

Nemasis - PRO Dashboards are interactive by nature and provide specialized views of your network in a customizable and drag-and-drop interface along with the real-time data.


Minimum system requirements

ISO can be installed on following virtual environments

  • VMware
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Oracle Virtual Box

Appliance details/Minimum system

  • 2 CPUs
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 50 GB HDD

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